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Our salads  

Country goat cheese salad with honey 13.50€

Norman salad with Camembert d 'Isigny breaded with Calvados 13.90€

Andouille de Vire salad 13.50€

Our dishes

Tripes Mode de Caen 15.00€

Beef steak (red label) to 21.90€ Cream Camembert

Grilled entrecote (red label) with Maître d'Hôtel butter sauce 22.90€

Gingerbread Chicken Aiguillette Les Ruchers du Bocage Virois 13.90€

Ch 'Nord dish

Whole Welsh fries 14.00 €


Clos menu

We also offer a menu at 25 €

with 2 or 3 choices of starters,

of dishes and desserts.

A menu that can change every day according to the morning market and the Chef's wishes.

Entrance only 6.50 €

Dessert only 6.50 €

Starter + main course or

the main course + the dessert    20 €

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Moussaillon menu

(up to 12 years old)

Homemade nuggets Fries

or Chicken Aiguillette Fries

+ dessert 10.00

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Our restaurant welcomes you every evening except Sunday.

At Clos de l 'Ancien Pressoir, we love home-made cuisine.

We favor local producers, from small producers,

wherever possible, we use fresh, seasonal vegetables.

We also make you enjoy our dishes from the North

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